The Backseat Driver

Introducing an exciting new GPS system, designed specifically for men, who are driving without the help of their wives.
This is the perfect gift for the man who has everything. He will be beyond excited when he hears his wife directing him, 
Even when she isn’t able to be in the car with him.


What is 'The Backseat Driver'?

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If you're the type of woman who worries about how your husband survives in the car without you, this is the product for you.

This GPS system will not only provide navigational instructions in your voice, but it will also  shout out helpful instructions such as:

"You’re driving too fast!"     

   "Why are you following so close?"   

 "I told you to take the side streets! " 


Join all of our happy customers, and purchase one of these great GPS tools using the Promo Code: BACKSEAT DRIVER for 15% off. 



I got so used to my wife barking orders at me while I drove, that I would find myself lonely when she wasn't in the car. Ever since she bought me The Backseat Driver for Fathers Day, I have been able to enjoy my commute, and I haven't missed an exit since!

-Jonathon, Age 27, Husband to Carrie

This GPS system has saved my life countless times. Before I bought myself The Backseat Driver, I was constantly rear-ending other vehicles, and I had over 10 speeding tickets. Now with the helpful and soothing sound of my wife while I drive, I am constantly aware of the 'stop sign coming up', or the 'guy up ahead'. Thank you Backseat Driver. You're literally a lifesaver. 

-Alfred, Age 72, Husband to Karen

My wife has the voice of an angel, so you must believe me when I tell you that receiving The Backseat Driver for my 40th birthday present was the best surprise ever. Now I can listen to her driving advice even when she isn't with me, and that is all I ever wanted. Now, if only I could find something to do the same around the house; I'd never leave socks on the floor again!

-Ben, Age 40, Wife to Meridith 

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