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Join us each week as we open a cheap bottle of wine and attempt to solve the problems of the world.


Tune in EVERY TUESDAY to this comedy podcast to hear us dissect listener questions and give our unqualified advice.

Unbiased, uncensored, and a whole lot of laughing.

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About the Podcast

You know when you're scrolling a Facebook Group, and all you can think is

"What in the actual F@#k is this person thinking!?"

Or when your friend tells you a story, and you have a million opinions that you want to scream at them?

Yeah, us too. 

This is a comedy podcast where we dissect these situations and go over what we would've said if we were asked because you know.....

It's None of Our Business!


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Amanda Nielsen

Amanda loves to people watch and will create an entire life for a stranger in her head.

unfortunately, She's wrong 99% of the time. 

Mother of two, wife to Karsten, people watcher of the world.

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Monica Vandermeer

Monica's name literally means "Advisor". This might explain why she has all the answers. 

Although, sometimes it's hard for people to take advice from someone who once lived in a bus. 

Mom of two, partner to Greg, open minded wonder woman. 

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